Spy Long Range Bluetooth Watch With Earpiece Set

Finally its here, the product that lots of our customers have been asking for, the fantastic Spy Earpiece GSM Bluetooth Watch Kit. The watch which looks like a regular real analog watch is actually a bluetooth inductive transmitter, allowing you to transmit audio from your phone or mp3 player to a wireless Spy Earpiece, and not a wire in sight!

How To Use Spy Wireless Spy Earpiece GSM Bluetooth Watch Kit? It’s very easy to use, simply charge up your watch, pop a battery into your earpiece then place the earpiece in your ear. Pair your phone with the watch just as you would any normal bluetooth headset, and that’s it. You can now communicate covertly with a colleague without fear of drawing attention. An integrated microphone also means you can talk back should you wish to.

Package Contents:

Standard Spy Earpiece in secure box
3watt Amplified GSM Bluetooth Inductive Watch
Stylish Gift Case
USB Charger
Battery – 337 SR416SW

Features And Specifications Of Spy Earpiece GSM Bluetooth Watch Kit
Built in 3 Watt Amplifier for long distance working You will not find a better watch kit from any other seller, this watch has a built in 3 watt amplifier guaranteeing clear and loud sound even when worn on the wrist and rested on a desk for example during an exam. The watch includes buttons to pair your bluetooth device Along with volume control and a tap to answer/reject call button.


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